U.S. Department of Commerce Releases First Cultural Heritage Visitor Profile ReportU.S. Department of Commerce Releases First Cultural Heritage Visitor Profile Report

August 20, 2011

The U.S. Department of Commerce has released its first Cultural Heritage Visitor (CHV) Profile. The profile showcases select characteristics of overseas visitors who participated in one or more of the following activities: art gallery/museum, concert/play/ musical, cultural heritage sites, ethnic heritage sites, American Indian community, historical places, and national parks.

The profile demonstrates that the fastest growing sector of international travel to the United States are cultural heritage tourists, who are motivated to explore the US through its artistic, heritage and historical offerings. According to this research, the United States welcomed nearly 15.4 million overseas cultural heritage travelers in 2010, outpacing the average growth of all overseas arrivals to the United States (14% and 11%, respectively). Since 2004, the number of travelers participating in CHV activities has increased from 10.6 million (68. 7% of the market) to the current 15.4 million, or 71.2 percent of all overseas visitors. Europe visitors dominate this market, with almost 56 percent of all European travelers stating they participated in cultural heritage activities while visiting the United States, followed by Asia (19%) and South America (13%). The top countries interested in cultural heritage related activities are: Brazil, France, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom. The profile can be accessed directly from the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries.